Responsive Government

Olympia Hills

When thousands of people (including local city officials) respond to a community issue, like a mega-development that exceeds current county density limits, and express their concerns, they should be addressed.

During these meetings I was amazed by the lack of concern demonstrated by the council.

I am the only candidate who spoke in the meeting, suggesting the project be paused, and the residents concerns be addressed.

If I were on the council, I would have taken a proactive and transparent approach, to gather community input prior, and incorporate it into the plan so we could move forward together.

Special Session Tax Bill

When governing bodies meet in special sessions, or behind closed doors, they seek to limit accountability to constituents.

That is completely unacceptable, and diminishes trust in government.

I value honesty, openness, and transparency.

I will bring streaming video to the Sandy City Council.

Governing by referendum is not the job of the people, and is a sign of poor leadership. It’s time we elect councilmembers who will stand up for and represent the people.