Prepared to Lead

Aaron is the most experienced and prepared candidate to create positive change in our community

Why I’m running

I’m running to preserve what I love about District 6, and make improvements where they are needed. I’m running to make politics in Salt Lake County different, and truly be a voice of the people.

Since becoming a father I’ve felt compelled to make the world a better place for my family. I want to be an example to my boys, and teach them valuable lessons that they will pass on to their children. So far, I’ve done this through a variety of community service, and now it feels appropriate to run for elected office.

As I’ve connected with my representatives, and worked on campaigns, I’ve experienced ups and downs. Even when we don’t agree, I am appreciative for their hard work. I’m concerned that the incumbent has become too comfortable and lacks the vision our community requires.

I have the passion, time, and energy to win this election, and I look forward to your support!

Protecting our Environment

Aaron is a champion for nature

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Aaron has worked to develop programs that have already made our community better. For example, starting in 2018 he worked for 17 months directly with Momentum Recycling and Sandy City to bring curbside glass recycling to Sandy.


Aaron’s experience and education puts him in a unique position to address the issues we face. He holds a master’s degree in psychology, understands planning and zoning, and has a certificate from MIT in smart cities.


Picture this: clean air & water, sustainable growth, improved transportation, housing options, dark skies, community engagement, responsive government, inspirational leaders, international recognition.

Improving Transportation

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